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  Clonakilty Old/New Street Names

Clonakilty Old/New Street Names

A certain amount of confusion may be caused to readers owing to the use of the old names of the streets. In copying from old books, e.g. Pigott's Directory the names as there given, have been used. Older residents of the town have adhered to the old names, although they have been officially changed for forty years of more, and ironically enough the same people refuse to recognise the old townland names: Maulnuskehy, Carriganookery, Grilleagh, etc. In an effort to satisfy all tastes I list hereunder the official names of the streets and the old names.

Pearse Street Sovereign Street
Ashe Street Mill Street
Wolfe Tone Street Strand Road
Rossa Street Main Street
Connolly Street George's Street
McCurtin Hill Barrack Hill
Lamb Street Lamb Street
Oliver Plunket Street Western Road
Emmet Square Shannon Square
Astna Square Boyle Square
Astna Street Boyle Street
Old Chapel Lane Old Chapel Lane
Patrick Street Patrick Street
Clarkle Street Jerymn Street and Mill Lane
Casement Street Oliver Street
Kent Street Bank Street
O'Rahilly Street School Street
  Seymour Street
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Clonakilty District Past & Present  - A Tourist guide to the area -[158 pages, forward dated 1959] The guide was published by the Southern Star Ltd for the Clonakilty C.Y.M.S.

My thanks to Henry McFadden for providing this information.